Eggs Anyone?

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“Grief can take care of itself, but
to get the full value of a joy
you must have somebody
to divide it with.”

~ Mark Twain

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Back in May of this year we got our first batch of chickens. As we strive for a sustainable lifestyle we wanted chickens to provide eggs and meat. We got an assortment of hens to begin with and have been checking the nest boxes every day, but no eggs. We even stopped buying eggs several weeks ago because free range organic eggs are expensive. So we decided to forgo anymore eggs till the girls start laying.

Conditions have been looking good for weeks now, but the daily disappointment of finding the nest boxes empty was getting to be more than I could bear. I was checking two and three times a day, just in case. About a week ago I decided to start leaving them in the hen house till noon, I was actually afraid they might be slipping into the woods and laying their eggs there.

A couple of days ago I stopped by the hen house one morning and saw three of the girls checking out the nest boxes. Overcome with excitement I hurried into the hen house… but, no eggs! I told Susan that maybe if we put a frying pan in front of the nest boxes maybe they would get the idea, eggs or them! I even found a stone the shape, size and color of and egg and put it in one of the nest boxes… but they weren’t fooled.

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Yesterday I had been picking blueberries all morning and decided to stop for lunch. On my way up to the house I stopped by the hen house, again no eggs. I let the hens out then had my lunch. Later in the afternoon I was tending an injured rooster and went to the hen house for some feed. Anticipation got the best of me and I couldn’t help myself and peered into the nest boxes.

There it was, AN EGG! I got so excited I almost had an accident. I tended to the injured rooster and carefully carried the prized egg up to the kitchen. I placed in a glass dish on the counter where Susan would be sure to see it when she got home. Just three more and we’ll have us breakfast.

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