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“I have no faith in human perfectibility.
I think that human exertion will have
no appreciable effect upon humanity.
Man is now only more active
not more happy – nor more wise,
than he was 6000 years ago.”

~ Edgar Allan Poe

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“They who dream by day
are cognizant of many things
which escape those
who dream only by night.”

~Edgar Allan Poe

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I have been called many things, a dreamer and a thinker are two things I do not mind being called. I have been told that I think too much, thus I dwell on things that do not really matter. While this may be true I refuse to correct what some consider a malady or a handicap. In my mind I can go where I want and create the world I want. Some call it thinking too much, I call it using my imagination.


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“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”

~ Edgar Allan Poe

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    Keep up the good work.

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