Apple TV App Development: How to Create Apple TV App


Everyone has probably heard of Smart TV by now. It’s a technology that allows you to integrate online services into your TV. Some TVs are already sold with their own operating system, but this is not always the best solution: not everyone is ready to buy new, expensive equipment, and not always the operating system gives access to cool content.

Apple TV is a good solution for those who want to upgrade their TV and get access to different services. This means you’ll have access to thousands of shows, movies, and videos, millions of hours of music, and a considerable number of games. At the same time, Apple TV can also be connected to your own smartphone – you can view photos and videos. Let’s look at Apple TV apps and find out how to develop your own.

What are Apple TV apps?

The operating system used by Apple is called tvOS. Originally, it was based on iOS, the system on which the iPhone and iPad running. In 2015, the basis for the new operating system was already a variant of the desktop macOS. The fundamental difference between the TV and mobile systems is the design of the user interface. It is possible to make changes directly on the server, without waiting for the App Store to view the content.

There are the following types of applications on Apple TV

  • Apple TV +
  • Apple TV channels
  • iTunes store
  • Related VOD Apps

Developing apps for Apple TV

App development for Apple TV, as well as for all Apple systems has its own peculiarities. A smart video device is a set-top box that connects to high-definition televisions. Despite the peculiarities in developing content for the set-top box, development teams that already have experience in designing software can create it without any problems. Our company Perfsol is one of them.

The smart TV app development process for Apple TV consists of the following steps:


After discussing and reaching agreements on all the issues, in addition to the contract, which specifies the terms and timing of the order, both parties also sign an NDA.

Interface drawing

UX/UI designers will draw the project’s Wireframes. Each detail is coordinated with the customer. This step will provide guidelines for all members of the team.

Functional programming

The Apple TV app development company will select the type of the application – TVML or traditional, and adapt it not only for the standard Apple TV Remote controller but also for alternative means of input.


Specialists will help you competently compose all the necessary documentation containing the technical and visual characteristics of the application.

Server side programming

This is one of the main stages in the development of your application, as a well-organized server will allow you to build seamless interaction between the user and the product.

Project testing

All products undergo testing at each stage of development. The team pays special attention to technical aspects. It is important for us to eliminate every bug and debug the application while you are still working on it.

Prototype screens development

Once the technical part of the project is complete, the design team works on the visual component of the application in more detail. Documentation is prepared, containing prototypes and mockups.

Development of all 2D and 3D content

A team of artists with extensive experience in graphic design knows and understands how important it is to work out even the smallest details in apps for Apple TV.

App release and delivery to the market

After the project is over the team will give you tips on how to use the app effectively. You can also order us to develop a marketing strategy and help promote the product.

Apple TV opens a wholly new and unexplored market for developers, where there are few rules and success stories. What works on phones is not necessarily work on TV. There are only a few thousand apps in the App Store right now, which means that the chance that your app will become popular is very high. Contact Perfsol now and we’ll get your app developed in the blink of an eye.

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