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Casinos have been around for several years, even older than you could predict. In this post, we will discuss some of the oldest casino buildings that has made indelible mark in the history of casino gaming. 

Although, most of the physical casino building have now made way for modern casino gaming on mobile aand pc, yet, it is important never to forget the key role played by these buildings when there was no modern technology.

Casino di Venezia

The Casino di Venezia has been there from the beginning. It opened its doors at the Theatre Saint Moses overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice in 1638, and is often regarded as the first casino in history. The structure had been constructed in the 15th century by early Renaissance architect Mauro Codussi, making it older than 150 years even at that time.

Several elements of the casino still exist, including frescoes and artwork created by Italian masters including Giovanni Battista Crosato and Mattia Bortoloni. Additionally, there is an eatery with the name The Wagner that was given to it in honor of the composer who frequented it in the 1860s and 1870s.


By the 18th century, France had established itself as the hub of casino gambling in Europe, with the aristocracy being particularly fond of card games like vingt et un. With the French Revolution, that naturally came to a violent end, and gambling was outlawed in 1830.

Casinos began to spring up in nearby nations, and Kurhaus in Baden Baden drew French exiles who had made it out alive and wealthy. Its interior emanates refinement and grandeur, and its Belle Epoque architecture is breathtaking. 

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Around the time he authored The Gambler in the late 1860s, Fyodor Dostoevsky became fascinated with the location and frequently go there. Marlene Dietrich referred to it as the world’s most magnificent casino 100 years later.

Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall

In the modern era, “old” has a slightly distinct meaning. You won’t be surprised to find that Gertie’s is one of the oldest casino in North America after taking a glance at it. Despite the fact that the structure is much older, it opened in 1971.

Nowadays, poker is popularly played online at 22Bet, but at Gertie’s, it’s played traditionally with a deck of cards and sometimes a shot of whiskey! Regular entertainment is also provided by live bands, talent shows, and Gertie’s renowned CanCan show. 

Wrapping it up

Finally, a conversation on casino buildings would be incomplete without touching Las Vegas. In Sin City, casinos typically come and go. Since legendary casinos like The Stardust, The Riviera, and The Dunes are now only memories, there is little place for emotion. But only one casino has survived this long.

When “The Strip” first opened in 1906, it had a very different approach than it does today. Throughout the years, it has evolved, when gambling was outlawed, it only functioned as a hotel.

In any case, when gaming was resumed in the 1950s, a complete renovation was carried out. It is still standing today serving as a hotel and casino. With 106 rooms, it is currently one of the most upscale hotels in Sin City.

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