Tuesday September 19th 2017

“When someone rejects you, for whatever reason,
that rejection reflects their wants, not your limitations.
You are in no way defined by the rejection,
or the acceptance, of anyone else.
Your worth depends on no one.
And as hard as it can be to see it as such,
there is just as big a gift in not connecting
with those who don’t see your value,
as there is in uniting with those who do.”

~ Scott Stabile

Scott Stabile is a speaker and writer of inspirational and self help books.


Tuesday September 19th 2017 — 1 Comment

  1. Re September 19, 2017 Thought for the Day, the way I have heard this said, and with more concision, is “Other people’s rejection is God’s protection.”

    If g-o-d isn’t a fit, insert Universe, or Higher Power, or Whatever.

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