Saturday March 10th 2018

“I’ve long maintained that the American lawn
is one of the greatest mass brainwashings of all time.
How we all voluntarily signed up
to spend untold hours growing and cutting
a nonnative 
monoculture of green
which we lace with poisons
to kill plants and insects
never ceases to amaze.”
~ Bill Heavey

Bill Heavey is an editor at large for Field & Stream, where he has written since 1993. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Men’s Journal, Outside, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Best American Magazine Writing.


Saturday March 10th 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. I totally agree…I eat many parts of mine…clover, dandelions, wild onions, etc… it’s ironic we spend much time, energy and money trying to kill and get rid of the very things that are so good for us and have many health benefits… Then we go to McDonald’s to get a hamburger

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