Saturday August 7th 2010

Thought for the Day

“Language… has created the word “loneliness”
to express the pain of being alone.
And it has created the word “solitude”
to express the glory of being alone.”

~ Paul Tillich

Paul Tillich*Paul Johannes Tillich

Born August 20, 1886 Starzeddel, Brandenburg, Germany
Died October 22, 1965 New Harmony, Indiana.

A German-American theologian and Christian existentialist philosopher. Tillich was, along with his contemporaries Rudolf Bultmann (Germany), Karl Barth (Switzerland), and Reinhold Niebuhr (United States), one of the four most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century. Among the general populace, he is best known for his works The Courage to Be (1952) and Dynamics of Faith (1957), which introduced issues of theology and modern culture to a general readership.

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Saturday August 7th 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. Paul Tillich was a 20th century sage who taught me – through his books – much that I value and hold dear in my retirement. Thanks so much for this very moving quote from him.

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