Thought for the Day is For Sale

After much soul searching and deliberation, we have decided to offer for sale, our website, Thought for the Day. Not an easy decision but, after 10 years, we feel it’s time to move on to other interests.

We currently have 29,366 email subscribers and average 25K visitors a month.

If you’re interested, please use the contact us link.
Please type Own TFTD as the subject of the email.

Best Regards,

The Thought Collector
The Thought Collector’s Wife


Thought for the Day is For Sale — 17 Comments

  1. This website is my go to for some wisdom, insight and motivation. Thank you for everything! I’ve been sharing your quotes with my company and over past 4 years and it’s really helped them through some difficult moments in their lives.
    Much love!

  2. I hope whoever buys it continues to provide insightful quotes like you all have. I’m a school counselor and I have been using your site for the past 3 years. Our students read your quotes over the morning announcements every morning.

  3. Sad to hear you’re selling. Your emails and thoughts have gotten me through many tough days for several years. Thank you for providing lovely, thought provoking daily gems that brighten our days.

  4. Before you go…I wanted to thank you for the years of service you’ve dedicated to this valuable website. I log on every weekday that I’m at work, to find valuable quotes and pieces of inspiration for our employees to carry with them through their day.

    I wish you much joy and prosperity in your future endeavors…and again…Thank You!

  5. I love this website – it is my favorite by far – good luck in what you do and thankyou for the daily inspiration xx

  6. Hello

    I have been visiting homeinsteaders from last 5 years. I have always connected with the quotes with my life. Thanking you for the amazing content. I would like to know the quote since i was also planning to do a similar thing. Please share the cost and deliverables.

  7. Hello…it’s ur decision i cnt overcome ur decision bt i m very much impressed with all ur emails n i don’t even skip any of ur emails…. I request u to plz continue ur website n plz don’t sell it…Thanking you!

  8. No one can own the Thoughts, the Passion and the Soul touching Objective of spreading good ness in someone’s life

    I want to know why in Sale

    And if I can contribute something in continuing these I don’t mind


  9. So sad to hear this. Thank you for such an amazing journey. TFTD has always been a shimmering beacon amidst the callous and stormy web. A consistently sharp edge to penetrate the miasma, and comfort our souls in the process. Godspeed.

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