Thursday March 21st 2019

“The longer you have to wait for something,
the more you will 
appreciate it when it finally arrives.
The harder you have to 
fight for something,
the more priceless it will become once 
you achieve it.
And the more pain you have to endure on your 
the sweeter the arrival at your destination.
All good 
things are worth waiting for
and worth fighting for.”

~ Susan Gale

Saturday December 3rd 2016

“Life is unpredictable.
Love may arrive when it’s least expected.
Laughter may occur at any moment
and tears may fall without warning.
Happiness may be around the corner
or sadness over the next hill.
Embrace every moment and every emotion.
Your life is unique
and it’s a journey that only you can travel.”

~ Susan Gale more