Wallpaper Quotes is Live

It has been a busy time of year. The harvest from the garden has been good, putting back all that we could for the winter. Many distractions have kept me from giving this project the attention it needs.

Wallpaper Quotes goes live today, it, like most of my projects, (and my life) will be a work in progress. The more I learn the better I hope this project becomes.

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Daily Thoughts 09-15-08

“I see in the near future
a crisis approaching that unnerves me
and causes me to tremble
for the safety of my country. . . .
Corporations have been enthroned,
an era of corruption in high places will follow,
and the money-power of the country
will endeavor to prolong its reign
by working upon the prejudices
of the people until the wealth
is aggregated in a few hands
and the Republic is destroyed.”

~ Abraham Lincoln