Todays Thought 08-26-08

Thought for the Day

“Civilization is in no immediate danger
of running out of energy or even just out of oil.
But we are running out of environment—that is,
out of the capacity of the environment
to absorb energy’s impacts without risk
of intolerable disruption—and our heavy
dependence on oil in particular entails
not only environmental but also economic
and political liabilities.”

~Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran~
Power to the People:
How the Coming Energy Revolution Will Transform an Industry,
Change Our Lives, and Maybe Even Save the Planet

Changes Are Coming

Thought for the Day

“The only thing constant
in life, is change.”
~François de la Rochefoucauld~

We’ve been busy with the new wallpaper idea, unfortunately we’ve neglected other areas. The first change is the thought for the day will be the quote for the day. Wallpapers will come out about once a week. Soon it will be available in a free email subscription. We are excited, we have some really cool nature pictures from the area we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Or pictures obtained from public domain. We will then subtly and artfully add a hopefully, thought provoking and inspiring quote.

We are so excited about our Wallpaper Quotes that we are building a new site just for them. Think about it, 52 wallpapers delivered right to your email…We better get busy.

The new site will be up and running later this week.

Thanks for stopping by.