Sunday December 3rd 2017

“You can’t let people scare you.
You can’t go your whole life trying 
to please everyone.
You can’t go through life worried about
what everyone else is going to think.
Whether it’s your hair, clothes,
what you have to say, how you feel,
what you believe in and what you have.
You can’t let the judgment of others
stop you from being you.
Because if you do, you’re no longer you.
You’re someone everyone wants you to be.”
~ Author Unknown

Monday November 27th 2017

“Listen to your conscience.
Don’t be afraid not to join the mob
if you feel inside it’s wrong.
Don’t confuse being ‘soft’
with seeing the other guy’s point of view.
… Avoid self-righteously turning on a friend,
but have your friendship mean enough
that you would be willing to share
with your friend your judgment.
Don’t assign away your judgment
to achieve power.”

~ George H.W. Bush more