Sunday September 16th 2012

Thought for the Day


Give me kind friends, true friends in need,
Who don no idle, winning wiles,
And who will be true friends, indeed.
If storms abound or fortune smiles.

I care not for lavish praises
That oft come from the vacant mind.
Nor the empty, studied phrases
Which leave the heart and soul behind.

True friends will more than press my hand,
And more than cheer in time of bliss,
And more than empty words extend
When multitudes grow cold and hiss.

Trustworthy friends will help and cheer,
Will make the timid spirit brave.
Will light the path, though dark and drear,
Which leads from sorrows to the grave.

Give me true friends and let me be
Throughout this life, from day to day,
As true to them, as they to me—
What pangs of anguish ‘twould allay!

Our joys increase as friends increase—
They cause us more to love mankind,
And joy and gladness ne’er will cease,
If we ourselves in friendship bind.

~ Bernhart Paul Holst