Monday November 28th 2016

“Don’t let those in power
trick you out of your freedoms
by using your fear.”

~ Trevor Noah

Trevor NoahTrevor Noah (born 20 February 1984)is a South African comedian, television and radio host and actor. He currently hosts The Daily Show, a late-night television talk show on Comedy Central…Source


Monday November 28th 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Good Morning! I’d never seen this comment section before and wanted to take a moment to thank you for this webpage. I work in a rural hospital in West Texas. I do Announcements every morning to keep everyone aware of goings on here and in the community. My goal is to be informative, yet thoughtful. I discovered your site in my search for uplifting quotes from around the world. Each morning I visit your site to see what you have posted as “The Thought For The Day.” I personally appreciate your work here and thank you so very much for being there. Have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!!

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