Monday November 26th 2018

“Four steps to achievement:
Plan purposefully.
Prepare prayerfully.
Proceed positively.
Pursue persistently.”
~ William Arthur Ward

William Arthur Ward

William Arthur Ward (1921–March 30, 1994), author of Fountains of Faith, is one of America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims. More than 100 articles, poems and meditations written by Ward have been published in such magazines as Reader’s DigestThis WeekThe Upper RoomSource


Monday November 26th 2018 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi is your web site working or not yesterday no thought for the day have u forgotten to put u are missing to put sometimes . Sometimes u forgot to put pl check the web and repair or put daily .
    Yesterday thought for the day is not updated sometimes , can u check and put .


    • We apologize (and appreciate) that you have missed the Thought for the Day. Recently life seems to be getting in the way. We don’t make any money from Thought for the Day, only enough to pay for the website. So this is not a job or a business and sometimes takes a back seat to other things that are going on. We hope you will understand and enjoy the thoughts we are able to post. Thank you.

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