Wallpaper Quotes is Live

It has been a busy time of year. The harvest from the garden has been good, putting back all that we could for the winter. Many distractions have kept me from giving this project the attention it needs.

Wallpaper Quotes goes live today, it, like most of my projects, (and my life) will be a work in progress. The more I learn the better I hope this project becomes.

Visit the Wallpaper Quotes Gallery at this link

About once a week, we will feature one of our wallpapers on our Wallpaper Quote of the Week blog. Usually we will feature wallpaper that is original, either the image, the quote, or both. This blog serves as our main page for Wallpaper Quotes. You can find it at this link.

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Changes Are Coming

Thought for the Day

“The only thing constant
in life, is change.”
~François de la Rochefoucauld~

We’ve been busy with the new wallpaper idea, unfortunately we’ve neglected other areas. The first change is the thought for the day will be the quote for the day. Wallpapers will come out about once a week. Soon it will be available in a free email subscription. We are excited, we have some really cool nature pictures from the area we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Or pictures obtained from public domain. We will then subtly and artfully add a hopefully, thought provoking and inspiring quote.

We are so excited about our Wallpaper Quotes that we are building a new site just for them. Think about it, 52 wallpapers delivered right to your email…We better get busy.

The new site will be up and running later this week.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper

Quote of the Day
“A photograph is usually looked at
seldom looked into.”

~Ansel Adams~

Thought of the Day
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I thought that today instead of sharing a thought I would share some pictures. I have taken some beautiful pictures, some of them are mine, some I found in public domain. Each one is a beautiful picture of nature, animals, flowers, and landscapes. To these pictures I have inserted a quote and formatted these to be used as desktop wallpaper. more