Friday November 17th 2017

“In life, you will realize
there is a role for everyone you meet.
Some will test you, some will use you,
some will love you, and some will teach you.
But the ones who are truly important
are the ones who bring out the best in you.
They are the rare and amazing people
who remind you why it’s worth it.”

~  Author Unknown

Monday November 6th 2017

“Anything that annoys you
is teaching you patience.

Anyone who abandons you is teaching you
how to stand up on your own two feet.
Anything that angers you
is teaching you forgiveness and compassion.

Anything that has power over you
is teaching you how to take your power back.

Anything you hate
is teaching you unconditional love.

Anything you fear
is teaching you courage to overcome your fear.

Anything you can’t control
is teaching you, how to let go”
~ Author Unknown