Tuesday August 8th 2017

“On America’s team,
let’s not choose to be against one another.

Let’s choose to be for one another.
My great-great-great grandfather had no choice.
We have one.
I pray we dedicate ourselves
to being the best team we can be,

working and living together,
representing the highest ideals of mankind.
Leading the way for all nations to follow.”
~  LaDainian Tomlinson more

Thursday April 14th 2016

“To be fully human is to be wild.
Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom.
It’s the gentle nudge and the forceful ache.
It is your truth, passed down from the ancients,
and the very stream of life in your blood.
Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside,
and the quickening of your heart.
Wild is what is real,
and wild is your home.”

~ Victoria Erickson more

Friday December 25th 2015

“May your light rest in our hearts,
And remind us that you are the eternal star.”

“Let us dream of a world without any more violence –
A world of justice and hope.
Let us each give a hand to our neighbor…
As a symbol of peace and brotherhood.”

“Give us strength.
Fill us with love that we might love and be loved.
Let this be our prayer.”

~ Carol Bayer Sager and David Foster