Tuesday August 8th 2017

“On America’s team,
let’s not choose to be against one another.

Let’s choose to be for one another.
My great-great-great grandfather had no choice.
We have one.
I pray we dedicate ourselves
to being the best team we can be,

working and living together,
representing the highest ideals of mankind.
Leading the way for all nations to follow.”
~  LaDainian Tomlinson more

Monday June 19th 2017

is a fundamental law of nature.
Even tiny insects
survive by cooperating with each other.
Our own survival
is so dependent on the help of others
that a need for love
lies at the very core of our existence.
This is why
we need to cultivate
a genuine sense of responsibility
and a sincere concern
for the welfare of others.”

~ Dalai Lama


Wednesday November 30th 2016

“Nothing can be more vulgar or more untrue
than the ignorant assertion that the world
owes its progress of knowledge
of any particular race.
The whole world is interdependent
and a constant stream of thought
has throughout ages
enriched the common heritage of mankind.
It is the realiza
tion of this mutual interdependence
that has kept the mighty fabric bound together
and ensured the continuity
of permanence of civilization.”

~ Jagadish Chandra Bose more