Tuesday May 8th 2018

“You are only hurting yourself
if you are being rude and unkind;
it might not come back to you immediately
or in the way you dished it out;
but when it boomerangs back at you,
it surely comes back in it’s own different shape and sizes.
Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Thought for the Day is For Sale

After much soul searching and deliberation, we have decided to offer for sale, our website, Thought for the Day. Not an easy decision but, after 10 years, we feel it’s time to move on to other interests.

We currently have 29,366 email subscribers and average 25K visitors a month.

If you’re interested, please use the contact us link.
Please type Own TFTD as the subject of the email.

Best Regards,

The Thought Collector
The Thought Collector’s Wife

Saturday May 5th 2018

“Whether we think each other right or wrong
in our views on the issues of the day,
we owe each other our respect,
as so long as our character merits respect,
and as long as we share for all our differences
for all the rancorous debates that enliven
and sometimes demean our politics,
a mutual devotion to the ideals our nation
was conceived to uphold that all are created equal
and liberty and equal justice are the natural rights of all.”

~ Senator John McCain