Friday December 15th 2017

“Not feeling anything
or totally disconnecting can be peaceful.
I think when you finally
put certain things into perspective,
you may realize they aren’t worth the energy.
It may be difficult
to let go of something you’ve held on to,
but then wonderful to let those things
which are holding you back
or pulling you down to slip away.
When you get there,
you may even remember
your sense of independence or freedom,
and that feels wonderful!
~ Stephanie Amarante more

Sunday December 10th 2017

“You will meet many types of people in your life.
You will meet delicate flowers,
raging oceans, quiet forests,
towering mountains and colorful skies.
You will meet thunderstorms,
you will meet lightning.
They will knock you down,
they will leave you breathless.
You will meet sunrises.
You will meet gardens.
They will give you light,
they will take you on adventures.
Explore them.
Get lost with them.
They all have something different to teach you.”
~ Author Unknown