Thursday January 3rd 2008

Thought for Today

“Happiness is a by-product.
You cannot pursue it by itself.”

~ Sam Levenson

I remember many years ago as a young boy, I was feeling blue one day, my dad seeing this asked if I wanted to know how to make my self feel better, so I said “sure.” So he very loudly clapped his hands in front of him, and with a broad smile he shouted “Boy Do I Feel Good!” And you know what, It worked. After doing this several times I completely forgot what I was blue about. Today many years later just thinking about these simple words can bring a smile to my face. (-:

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About Charley

I have always had a deep fascination with words. Words are strong and powerful, they can build you up, or they can tear you down. Artistically crafted together, words can make you stop and think.

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